About Us

RATS stands for "Rotating And Turbomachinery Society".


Our regular RATS meetings are meant to be social networking events where we come together and unwind and discuss matters related to whatever we feel like talking about. The meetings are non-structured and informal.  (New for 2018 will be a technical presentation format with the usual social aspect afterwards). There is a great mixture of vendors and end-users with skill levels all over the map. The meetings represent a great cross section of our industry from young and old, male and female. The Event sponsors and Bar sponsors allow these meetings to run smoothly.  RATS is a non-profit organization.


The Edmonton section was first started by Chandra Sivapuram from Shell and followed by Nick Agius from Motion Canada who organized the Edmonton meetings. In 2008, Pedro Cones started to help by incorporating an annual Golf Tournament, a bi-annual Technical  Conference, a Board Structure and running the website.  The Society is now run by a volunteer board with representatives from manufacturers, vendors, and end users.

There is also a Calgary section run primarily by Myron Hildebrand from Westpower.

President Pedro Cones PedroCones@gmail.com (780) 224-8873
Secretary Andrew Ma Andrew.Ma@itt.com (780) 394-6072
Treasurer Greg Schmaltz gschmaltz@smithcameron.com (780) 437-6040
Director - Executive David Gorn gorn@executrade.com (780) 266-2056
Director - Synergy Dan Roth dwroth@shaw.ca (780) 554-2324
Director - Events John Barnes john.barnes@shaw.ca (780) 850-4225
Director - Social Media Vince Wong vincent910@hotmail.com (780) 965-8879
Director - Technical Ralph Dickau ralph.dickau@rod-engineering.com (780) 298-5398